Network Optimization


Unmatched strength with uncommon flexiblity


In our focused pursuit of Network Optimization, we have aligned incentives; we have created flexibility in plan offerings; and we use our strength in local relationships to your greatest advantage.


This means we are in the best position to develop the network and benefit structure that aligns with your employee population and your business objectives.


Our portfolio of high-performance network solutions maximizes value for your organization and your employees.


Because our network is so extensive, we have the flexibility to align with a company’s benefit strategy while ensuring all of your employees have viable options for care.


We continually optimize plan performance through data insights and consultation and by guiding employees to the highest-value providers. And we keep disruption to a minimum by still providing broad access.


Our local knowledge and local relationships run deep. Our strategies are informed by extensive qualitative and quantitative data on provider performance, business models, behavior, and relationships. This allows us to tailor solutions, while making administration simple.


Finally, all this knowledge—our extensive data, technology-fueled analytics, and deep provider relationships—are at your service through consultative support, giving you even greater power to optimize a solution to your unique population and location criteria.


If you have questions, your Anthem National Accounts Blue Cross and Blue Shield Representative will be happy to help you.


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